Basic (and reversed card) are only displayed unflipped

I’m new to Anki and losing my mind a bit. Everytime I use the “Basic (and reversed card)”-feature and i try to review them, the second cards are not shown as flipt. I am fairly certain that it is not a problem with the code, because when I try to edit the card type and select “2: Card 2: Back -> Front”, the preview shows the cards as they are supposed to look. As soon as I go to review mode, the same problem reoccurs. It does not seem to be a matter of plugins either, as I tried to start anki without them. I even tried creating another card-type from scratch, to recreate the effect of the standard version, to no avail. The same thing happens when i create and/or review cards via my smartphone. I’m tired, I have no idea whats going on and will go to bed now, but i would really appreciate your help. Sorry for possible misspells btw, this is not my first language

What might be happening is that you’re only seeing Card 1 for every note because Card 2 is getting buried.
If that’s the case, everything’s fine with your cards and the reverse cards will appear in your next session.