Reverse cards not showing

I am learning the Major System for recalling numbers. I imported the shared deck of 200 cards and replaced some of the images. I need to learn the number to the image and the image to the number, so I need to view both forward and reverse cards but only forwards cards are showing. I have tried flipping the swapping the image/number details on the reverse cards, but this hasn’t resolved the problem.
Can anyone assist please?

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Hey everybody,
I’m new to Anki and I’d really appreciate your help.
When entering my cards in the Basic (and reversed card) format everything looks fine for the front/back version. However when it shows me the back/front cards, the solution is displayed twice. That can be quite disruptive, especially since I’ll need to share these decks with my students.
I have attached a picture.

You need to add a 2nd card type first, and then you’ll be able to “Flip” it. See the “Switching Card Order” video (different interface, same commands) – Card Templates - Anki Manual .

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Thankyou so much for the very quick reply and answer. I have just watched the video which is extremely helpful and I know exactly what I need to do now.
Thank you again - it’s much appreciated!

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