Decks gone after using new ssd to boot windows and old hdd for storage

Hey Guys,
I just updated to win11 and got me a new ssd for that. I thought I could just plug in the old hdd that I used to run win10 and get the Anki files from there. But they are gone or I am to stupid to find them. I didn’t create an account to synchronize. I still have the folder “Anki” in “Programm Files” but even when I start anki from there (the hdd) all my decks are gone. When I Google where the Files are stored it says that the files are in the folder “Documents/Anki” but my documents folder is empty.
Thanks in advance.

Here are some things you can do till the pros arrive.

If Anki is closed, leave it closed. If it’s open - close it.

Back up your Anki folder to whatever hard drive is currently mounted - which (from your post) seems to be the HDD. Also back up to some external drive such as a pen drive.

My anki folder is here:

C:\Users<me>\AppData\Roaming\Anki2\User 1

Download the free “Everything” from here:


Search for “Anki”. You might get a million hits.

Sorting by folder might be a good way to start.

Report generally what you find.

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I love you <3 you saved my life. With the everything tool I could find a folder on my HDD with all the backups. Thank you.

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Good news.