HELP! Decks missing

Hi all,
I hope someone can help me please. i am pretty new using the anki. i have created my decks and have been using it for the past 6 months. today i have clicked on a new set of deck files given to me by a friend. after importing the new decks; my anki descktop showed the message of update to new anki version. i did update the anki. and deleted an error add ons.
now when i launch my anki desktop i cant see any of my decks. all of them are missing. however when i go to my browse i can see the decks there. i logged on anki web and i can see all of my old decks and also the imported decks. however the anki desktop does not show any decks except under browse window.
can someone please help me!!?

Have you actually logged in to your ankiweb account from the desktop app? (and are you sure you logged into the correct account?)

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yes, i have logged in to my anki web and all the decks (old and new imported ones are there)
on desktop app also i can see all the decks under browse section. however i can’t study or see the decks on main page on desktop app

if i delete and reinstall the anki desktop app would it resolve the issue? am i gonna risk losing all my decks if i do that?
i have all my decks under my anki web account!

Yes, presumably when you uninstall and reinstall, you’ll then be asked to sign in to ankiweb at first sync, and your ankiweb collection will be downloaded locally.

Having said that, if you want to be extra sure, you can try to find out where Anki saves your profile’s data on your operating system and make a copy of that folder first. (e.g. in linux it’s in “.local/share/Anki2”)


thanks man, really appreciate your help.
i tried to find the local saved file on my microsoft windows laptop. but could not find it. do you have any recommendation?


thanks cqg. helped alot. do you have any recommendation for a video to watch on mastering anki and deck creation for med student?

You’re welcome. Personally I’ve always prefered reading manuals over watching videos; Anki’s manual is pretty comprensive and includes a lot of good advices not only about how the program works, but about SRS in general. Check also the FAQs and Supermemo’s web site, both full of useful information.

Yes, it’s a lot of information, but if you really want to get the most out of the program, it is well worth your time.


This might sound like a dismissive reply, but actually I say it honestly: the anki docs are the place to go. They are concise, clear and very informative!

I’m actually from a medical background too (though I’ve since jumped ship to biomedical engineering, and I use anki for everything anyway. And I do mean EVERYTHING).

My main tip is to learn the difference between notes and cards, how to create subdecks, and to rely on your own cards more than ones other people made for you.