Missing decks on library but available in browse?

Hi there!

I’m having some issues with my anki desktop (mac 2020). Have been using anki for 3 years now with no issues. I have been using a deck for the past 2 months but as I was syncing it today, all but 3 decks went missing. I didn’t change this and wasn’t prompted to update my anki or anything (just doing my normal routine which doesn’t have any issues normally)…

When I go into the ‘Browse’ section, the cards are all there but now it’s reverted to the default setting (saying that the cards were reviewed in 2017 when i’ve only just started using this deck in April/May 2022.). The cards are also not showing on the dashboard. I’ve checked on my phone and also my AnkiWeb and they’re all missing as well.

Can someone please help? I’m really desperate as my exam’s in 2 weeks and my progress is completely gone.

Thank you.

Fingers crossed I think I resolved it - I had to restore from an earlier back up, some data lost but definitely better than all of it! Just going to leave this here for anyone in the future :slight_smile:

On your Anki Desktop (Mac), go to File > Switch Profile > Open Backup > Yes

All the best!

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