Deck sharing and changing note types

I’m making a deck for a course which a friend and I are working through. Therefore, I’d also like to share the deck and then make additions to it as we progress through the course.

However, as I am fairly new to that language, I might make some changes to the card design (including possibly adding additional fields). Will that affect how my friend (or other people importing the deck) are then able to re-import it and having the changes applied properly?
How about corrections in general? How does Anki decide that something is a corrected pre-existing card rather than a new card when re-importing?

There have been some recent changes around importing that might help you. Packaged Decks - Anki Manual

Make sure you and your friend are both updated to a 23.10+ version.

Thanks! We both only restarted using Anki recently, so I and likely also my buddy have the newest version.

Does that mean I can do basically any changes to the deck and re-importing it will reliably make the same changes to the deck of another person when they make sure to pick overriding differences? That would be neat.