Deck override not working?

I am trying to separate card types into different decks and for some reason, it always moves every type of card into that deck.

I am trying to take one card with a lot of information and make many cards from this and place into separate decks

Could you describe the steps you’re taking in more detail?

I make a card with a premade note type and am trying to study different fields of the card in different decks. After the card is made I select “deck override”, the card type is listed in the deck it is placed into but does not appear in the deck.

I have tried turning deck override off and then doing this again but it is not working.

If the information in the first column of your cards is the same — and your cards are all of the same Note type — then you cannot split copies of your cards into another system.

It would be better to create separate decks in a spreadsheet program such as LibreOffice Calc. Ensure there is a unique identifier in the first column, which is not the same for each deck — even if the rest of the data is the same.

Deck override only affects what happens to cards that are created after it is set. For existing cards, you’ll need to select them and use ‘change deck’ in the browse screen to move them to a different deck.