Deck name in Anki differs from the name on the Web

I imported, which is called “Duolingo Italian-English course”, but it appeared in Anki as “Duolingo vocab”. “Duolingo Italian/English” imports as “Duolingo Italian”, and “Duolingo French for English speakers” as “Languages:::fr: French”.

That’s not good, because I don’t know what deck I imported from except from the note count (it has no tags), and it might try to import into an existing deck.

That is how the deck creator named their decks

The title are just a way to explain to people what it is or what they will be downloading, just like the description

We can’t do anything about it

Just rename the deck, add tags to separate your decks from them

While a valid point, this shouldn’t be that much of a problem with the post-import screen that appears in recent versions.

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