Deck Name Preservation

I’m having a problem with Anki and could use your help.
It seems whenever I export my deck called “15-Minute Spanish”, Anki doesn’t keep the name of the deck and the cards go into the Default deck during import.

I’ve tried exporting with and without a hyphen in the name, but no luck. I even tried creating a new profile and importing the deck there, but the cards still ended up in the Default deck. On top of that, when I tried recreating the problem in a new profile with the very same deck name and with a dummy card in it, the export/import worked fine. :exploding_head:

Even though I renamed the default deck back to “15-Minute Spanish” and exported it, the name of the deck was lost on import.

I wonder if this is the issue. Was your original deck the Default deck and you renamed it? Instead of renaming the Default deck, try moving your cards (“Change Deck”) into a new deck with the name you want.

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Indeed :scream:
I would consider this a bug. :beetle:

The default deck is a design wart that is hard to remove. It’s hidden when empty, to discourage people from using it.