Daily review limit being ignored - possible bug?

A user has a collection with the following settings:

  • Lots of different subdecks (and subdecks of subdecks), almost all of them children of one main deck.
  • v3 scheduler enabled
  • All decks in her collection share the same options group/preset.
  • Daily review limit is set to 30 and “per preset”.
  • Still it happens that after reviewing 30 cards from one deck, there are multiple other decks that still show that there are cards to review (some even show 30). In short, the problem is that reviewing cards in one deck does not decrease the review count of other decks with the same options group.
  • I was able to confirm this behaviour on Anki 2.1.62.

Is this a bug?

Would be happy to share the collection privately with Damien if he wants to investigate.

I’d suggest they use the ‘save to subdecks’ feature to ensure a subdeck isn’t set to a per-deck limit.

Just tried it but this doesn’t seem to help. I recorded a short video of what I did. Let me know if I misunderstood something:

When you review a card, that deck and its parents record the review. The deck you highlighted at around :27 is not a parent of the deck you reviewed. You can see the top-most deck did have its number reduced, but that will not apply unless that deck is clicked on.

Thank you for looking into it, Damien.

Ok, I see. So simply sharing a preset is not enough. That seems counterintuitive to me to be honest. I don’t think it’s specified in the manual either. I guess most users who use the “per preset” setting would assume it will limit their overall reviews for every deck which uses this preset, independent of the deck structure. But this doesn’t seem to be an option right now unless all decks are parents/children of each other.

I believe it is documented: Deck Options - Anki Manual. The preset does apply to every deck using that preset. But presets control the limits, not how many cards have been done in that branch of the tree. As you said, if you’d like to impose a global limit on the number of reviews, you need to put all cards under a single top-level deck, and click on that deck, or keep an eye on its remaining count as you click on subdecks.

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