D-Pad remapping on 8BitDo Zero2 in X-Input mode is ignored

You are 101% right - I didn’t think about it at all. I see that there are other people on the forum with this issue, and there were a few reddit threads I saw as well.

For 8BitDo Zero2 there’s a solution however. Zero2 does NOT work with “8BitDo Ultimate” software used to remap their controllers. However, there’s a way to switch the D-Pad mode:

  • Turn on the controller in X-Input mode (X + Start)
  • Press & hold combo until red led starts blinking:
    • Select + D-Pad Up => d-pad is in joystick hat mode (i.e. digital d-pad)
    • Select + D-Pad Left => d-pad emulates left analog joystick
    • Select + D-Pad Right => d-pad emulates right analog joystick
    • Select + D-Pad Down => swap A/B and X/Y… which is also actually needed so the labels in Anki match real buttons

Source: Reddit - Dive into anything => originally via 8BitDo support (Reddit - Dive into anything).