Custom Study: Review Forgotten Cards

I have Anki Version ⁨2.1.48, in Windows 10 Pro 21H1.

I use the AutoEaseFactor add-on.

I wanted to experiment with Custom Study.

I used:

  • Review Forgotten Cards.

I selected the number of days to give me a small number of cards. That gave me one card. (I only have about 3,000 cards.)

Before doing anything, I ran the query in the browser and recorded the the stats for Due, Interval, and Ease.

In Custom Study. I checked the option:

  • Reschedule cards based on my answers in this deck

I then executed the Custom Study. I made sure that I provided the correct answer.

After running the Study, I again examined the stats in the browser.

The values for Due, Interval, and Ease were identical to the pre-Study run. Nothing had changed !!

Question: What did the Custom Study actually do for me?

BTW: I expected that the values for Due, Interval, and Ease would all have increased to values that would have been approximately equal to the values that I would have obtained if I had not failed that one card a few days previously.

Any advice?


Please select one of the cards after reviewing, use the ‘card info’ option in the browse screen, and attach a screenshot here.


The ease doesn’t change because you rated the card “Good”. The interval doesn’t change because hardly any time has elapsed since the card was previously reviewed - if it was closer to its due date, it would receive a different time.

That’s all fine. Thanks