Custom setting are not working

Screenshot 2024-05-01 191845

why the custom setting are not applying to my deck please help me
if there is any youtube video plz suggest me

First, you’re using the old Options box (which is still available, but not the default) – what version of Anki Desktop is this?

What are you seeing that seems incorrect to you? That will help me answer whether this is a misunderstanding of what the settings do, or the settings not applying in the right place, or something else.

So what else should i provide you to solve my problem plz guide me

That’s a very recent version, so you don’t need to Shift-click to open the old Deck Options. You should just click it directly and you’ll get the new format which will have more information.

You can post screenshots of the options for this deck. And then – from your original screenshot – I need to know what you are saying is “not applying” and “not working.”

no my question is my learning steps are 15min, 1day and 3 days but my new card review button shows hard and easy steps only 1 days why?

Oh sure – that’s an easy one. When you’re on the 1st learning step, Hard is halfway between your 1st and 2nd learning steps (Studying - Anki Manual). For you, that’s ~12h.

Were you studying late in the day? If it is close enough to your next-day-starts time that your interval is going to cross the day-boundary, that interval gets converted to days (Deck Options - Anki Manual).

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thank you

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