Anki settings wont apply

Hello, I have been having some general issues with my anki app and now the settings for my decks are not being applied. I set my new card interval for 15m 1d but whenever I press again the cards immediately return. I checked to make sure I clicked apply to all subdecks as well, so I know this isn’t the issue. I’ve also tried restarting and shutting down my laptop.

Maybe I think the default Anki setting is to show cards 20 minutes early if there are not enough cards. Please check this setting.

  • Tools > Preferences > Review > Learn ahead limit [ 20 mins ]

Hello! My learn ahead limit is currently at 20 mins and the problem is still happening unfortunately

If its set to 0, would it not show up?

If you have a learning step of 15 minutes, Anki should wait the full 15 minutes by default, unless there are nothing but other learning cards due, and that card is due first. If you see the same card appear immediately after answering it, that may be a bug. Please try the v3 scheduler and see how you go. The Anki v3 scheduler - Frequently Asked Questions

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