Custom learning: only select cards that contain all of my selected keywords instead of any of the selected keywords

Hi, let’s say i have lots of cards containing either keyword A, B or both. Now I want to create custom learning but only for cards that contain both A and B as keywords.
If I select A and select B as keywords, all my cards are selected, since they all contain A, B, or both. But i really only want to learn the keywords that match exactly the keywords that i selected, so A and B.

Is this possible?

I use Ankidroid mainly, if it matters.

Edit: for clarification i added a screenshot:

In this screenshot you see 3 keywords checked. If i use this setting then any card that contains one, two or all three of these keywords will be put into the custom deck. However i only want to study cards that contain all three of the keywords i checked.

If you look at the search constructed after you close this window, you’ll see that it lists those tags separated by "OR"s. If you remove those, it will be an “AND” search, which is what you want.

You can also just type the search directly yourself –
tag:Fish tag:Flop tag:Turn

More about constructing search filters (works on all platforms): Searching - Anki Manual

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