Current limit doesn't work with basic+reversed cards

Anki has a limit that makes you use not more than 1/10 new cards comparing repeated cards. It has its own logic, but what about case with not only basic cards, but also with basic+reversed cards? For example, when I add one card (i.e. English ➝ Spanish), I also get a reversed card (Spanish ➝ English). And Anki thinks that it’s two separate cards, but in fact they regards to the same, to one translation.

And the limit works badly, because if I want to learn more than, for example, 5 new words (on Anki’s it’s 10 cards), I have to increase the quantity of repeated cards for more than 100 ones per day! So currently 5 new words (if a user uses repeated cards) means that I have to repeat 100 cards per day. I understand that 100 cards, using basic+reversed, mean 50 words. But In reality passing 100 cards every day just for learning 5 new words is rather… hard. I wanted to learn 10 new words every day (20 basic+reversed cards), but in this case I had to repeat up to 200 cards every day, that took 30-35 mins — it was impossible

Maybe you should reduce the limit for decks with basic+reversed cards?

P.S. I am not going to update Anki anyway, because with last update the developers decided to kill HyperTTS’s buttons and respective functionality and it decreased helpfulness of Anki twice for me (learning new words is much better with sound transcription), but anyway

You’re mixing two basic concepts here: cards and notes.

When you add a basic & reverse note you’re actually adding two different cards. And if you increase the number the limit of new cards / day, from the deck options, Anki will, as expected, do exactly that.

Ps: for language learning, it you’re not a beginner in your target language, I wouldn’t recommend basic & reversed cards. If you’re a native English speaker learning Spanish, for example, I’d just do English > Spanish sentences, it’s way more effective.

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There is no such limit. You can set a limit for new cards and a limit for reviews.

It’s a recommendation, and not enforced.