"Creating backup" pop-up showing forever

Hello !

I tried to search on the forum and on reddit for people who would have encountered the same problem as me, I only found one forum post from december 2023, which offers no solution. I also tried all the troubleshooting steps, but it didn’t help.

When I’m in the browser, every 15-20 minutes or so (I haven’t measured precisely, but it’s several times an hour without a doubt), the “creating backup” pop-up appears but never closes, which makes Anki completely impossible to use because the browser and decks don’t open. The only way I can get back to work is to kill the process via the task manager and restart Anki, every fifteen minutes or so.

Is there any way of solving this problem at the moment?


As mentioned in my post, I have tried all the troubleshooting steps, which didn’t solve the problem.

What operating system, which Anki version?

Respectively windows 11 / version 23.12.1 and windows 10 / version 24.04.1, I have the same problem on both computers (all drivers are up to date)

Have you tried running Anki with add-ons disabled? I know you said you already tried everything on the Troubleshooting checklist – but the cure for this issue in the past has been add-on related.


Yes, I tried with the addons disabled, it didn’t help…

Can you reproduce the issue with the current beta version of Anki?

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I’ve been trying for a few days now and the mistake has happened only twice in over 10 hours of work. It’s definitely much better but it still happens

Getting rid of it completely may not be possible - it will depend on the size of your collection, speed of your computer, whether background tasks are running, etc.