Auto backup disrupt the use and halt anki, as reported before


i am now on 23.12.1,
quite frequently, anki will automatically start creating “backup”, with a floating window.

i searched the forum, reported before, which claims to use an add-on but i do not use that add-on.

i read the releases, 23.10 claim to have solved the showing of “backup” problem but i am on 23.12.1…

anyway, currently my way will be to make the time interval longer.

i am not brave enough to edit the code as in that thread, because i afraid backups made later will be corrupted or non-functioning, thanks.

ps, win10, qt6, 23.12.1

You could try the latest rc release, and see if it happens without any add-ons.

Note: the problem in How to disable backup feature is that Anki hangs and becomes unusable, not that the pop-up is annoying and that it might interrupt whatever you are doing.

it’s ok for me now after i make the auto backup time to 300000h.

previously the problem is that when i making notes, the auto backup started itself, and the pop on keep showing without termination, then i have to kill the anki process.

may be i cant express fully, i dont natively speak english.

let others comment. thx

Sorry, I didn’t reread the title of your thread and recalled my incorrect understanding from yesterday. When I am dragging a deck, I worry that the backup pop-up will make me drop it.

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