Creating a duplicate card

Is there a way to create a duplicate card? My plan was to create a set of template cards consisting of English words to be transalted into n languages. I would dup a card and then add the sound and translation of one language, preserving the original to be dup and reused for a second (and third, fourth, etc) language.

That would be an useful feature for a future version, for sure.

In the meantime there are a couple of addons just for that.

Also, 2.1.45 will bring built in sticky fields, that might work for you

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Another approach is to create one big note type for n languages and use conditional card creation. The cards can be sorted into different decks.

You wouldn’t need to fill out every language at note creation time. As soon as you add a translation for another language (fill another field), a new card will be added automatically.

The advantage is that you have all your translations for one word in one note and you could share extra things like images between the individual cards.