Countries w/ Clickable Maps

AnkiWeb deck id: 959380902

This is largely the same as [VectorMaps] Countries of the World (deck id: 2915332392), so credit to them for the majority of the content, but with some changes:

  1. card types that ask not just for recognition of flags, but remembering them from the name
  2. card types that make you click the country given its name, either with or without borders
  3. made everything typed that can be
  4. a few data changes and added some little-recognised countries

Note that the clickable countries heavily uses Javascript. As noted in the manual, this is not recommended due to compatibility issues, but I think the functionality is worth it, so please let me know if you have any issues, preferably providing Anki version, operating system (i.e. Windows/Linux/Mac) and a screenshot if you can. I also recommend you don’t change the deck structure or note type, as that will prevent you from getting updates by downloading the deck again.