How are shared decks in AnkiWeb classified into categories?

I recently created and shared my deck to the AnkiWeb.
I would like my shared deck to be categorized as “Geography”, but currently the deck is not categorized in any category (although you can find it by searching).
I’ve updated the description of the deck several times in the last few weeks.
I also added the tag “geography”.

How are shared decks in AnkiWeb classified into categories in general?
What should I do to categorize my deck to “Geography”?

Thank you.

I think adding the tag “Geography” should be enough.

Note that clicking on “Geography” in the list of categories redirects to Geography - AnkiWeb and searching for keyword “Geography” in the search bar also redirects to Geography - AnkiWeb which is exactly the same url.

Also note that when you share your deck, there is a lapse of 24h before it is properly listed. Also, everytime you “share again” the deck, for instance to update its description, it becomes unlisted for 24h again. So my advice is to not update the description unless you really need to.

Thank you for you reply.

Here is my shared deck.
My last update of the deck is over 24 hours ago, so the deck is publicly available.

All Japan Cities 日本の全市区町村

I added the tag “geography” in the field “Tags” and “Description” when I updated the deck.
But, as you can see, you cannot find my deck in the Geography page.

I count 7 tags for your deck.

I haven’t actually read anything in the documentation about a maximum number of tags for a deck, but my private belief is that decks are limited to 5 tags, and if you give more than 5 tags, only the last 5 tags will be used.

EDIT: There was a bug on Ankiweb, it’s been fixed now, see below.

If I am correct, then your deck has the five tags “prefecture city district town village”, and the two tags “geography japan” are ignored.

Your deck can still be found at Japan - AnkiWeb because it has “Japan” in its title. But it cannot be found at Geography - AnkiWeb

If someone who knows more than me about ankiweb can confirm, that would be great.

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My shared deck’s “Tags” field is exactly as below.
“geography japan prefecture city district town village”

I have checked several search patterns.

“geography” → not found
“japan” → found (title contains)
“prefecture” → found
“city” → found
“district” → found
“town” → found
“village” → not found

My assumption is that the first and the last word are ignored.
Moreover, if the search term contains the first or the last word, you cannot find the deck.

If your search term contains the first or the last word, the deck does not show up.
“geography japan” → not found
“geography japan prefecture” → not found
“geography japan prefecture city” → not found
“town village” → not found
“district town village” → not found
“city district town village” → not found

If your search term do not contain the first or the last word, the deck shows up.
“japan prefecture” → found
“japan prefecture city” → found
“japan prefecture city district” → found
“prefecture city district town” → found
“city district town” → found
“district town” → found

It looks like this may have regressed when some code was updated. Until I can get a fix out, you may be able to fix it by adding a space at the start and end of the tag list.


Thank you for your reply.
I will do that workaround and see how it goes.

This has now been fixed on AnkiWeb’s end.


Thank you for your quick fix.
I confirmed that my deck is properly searched by the tag words.
(It looks like spaces are inserted automatically at the first and the last of the tags field)

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