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Could you provide an official Flatpak build of Anki for Linux users?

Most linux distributions ship with outdated versions of Anki.
Your tar.gz build doesn’t provide app-armor protection, which can be helpful against malicious 3rd party addons and it’s not guaranteed, that your tar.gz build will run on every distribution.

Flatpak does provide both. App-armor protection and a working application on every distribution that supports flatpak
But there is no official flatpak build of Anki.
Could you create an official supported flatpak build for anki on a regular basis and put the link to it and its sha256 hash on your anki website so that everyone sees, that it is official?

I found a flatpak package of anki on but it doesn’t seem to be an official package from the anki developers.

On Linux use Firejail.

firejail /home/user/path/anki-2.1/bin/anki

I think there is a ready to use profile for Anki.

You can also observe out-coming internet connections.

I am not security expert but how flatpak build and sha256 can protect you when you install add-ons to whatever version of Anki, regardless if it is flatpak or not. Add-ons are not part of Anki. You had better look at add-ons code or not install. Or if you don’t trust ask on forum someone if this particular add-on is safe. Or just wait for other more advanced users to test and check up-votes, down-votes. For all Anki add-ons history I have never heard about any malicious add-on.

Any evidence for this statement? It has all that is necessary to run without installing. I have not heard of such distribution. Besides, if users use some really exotic distributions, usually they do it for a specific purpose and Anki is not priority.