Provide an official AppImage or Flatpak for Anki on Linux

The current official packaging format for all Linux distributions is the notorious tarball, a distribution format that many beginners find to be a bit daunting, since it requires far more leg work on the end user’s part to get the app in working order as opposed to more traditional packaging format. On the modern Linux desktop, there’s been a recent movement towards relatively simple-to-manage, distro-agnostic packaging formats that make things far easier for the end user to maintain. I feel that Anki should select one of these formats (be it either Flatpak or AppImage, though I’m partial to the former) and replace its current Linux download link to one that provides one of these options instead. This would make it much easier for new Linux users to simply download the app and start using it, rather than having to unzip it and run an install script; something they may have never had to do before on Windows, or perhaps even on Linux itself.

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