Have the people at anki considered flatpak?

I think it would be a cool thing to consider. It is distro-agnostic so instead of supporting distributions of Linux individually, you would only need to support one platform.

I think the major advantage of using flatpaks with regards to anki is that the application would be sand boxed from the rest of the system. Maybe this would be ideal considering the fact that anki has addons. Some of which may be malicious. Supporting flatpak would mean these addons won’t have complete access to the host system and be restricted.

I also understand if this can’t be considered a priority and there are probably far more important things that matter. The app has already been ported to flatpak by a third party but it is version 2.1.15. I was just thinking an official up to date version would be cool :slight_smile:


I did not know that there was already an anki flatpak. Thanks !
It looks like it has been updated to 2.1.30 a few days ago :slight_smile:

Although I still think that anki should be officially packaged in some way rather than having the end user doing a system wide installation with ‘make install’…


I personally don’t install it. I just run the binary as is so that when I want to remove, I can simple delete the folder :confused:

Thanks for informing me about the update. I’ve been waiting for ages and was going to try package it myself but looks like someone did it anyways. Now I can move back to the flatpak :slight_smile:

Have stopped working here unfortunately. Since the 2016+ version probably.

$ ./anki
Qt fatal: Could not find QtWebEngineProcess 
Abandon (core dumped)

Never works anywhere. Debian 10, openSuse Leap 15.2, Ubuntu 20.04, Fedora 32… I have yet to find a distro where it works without having to 'make install".

I’ve never had this problem before. Anki packages its own version of QT and doesn’t use the system one. Maybe this would be of help: https://anki.tenderapp.com/discussions/ankidesktop/29765-anki-21-look-on-plasma-5#comment_46109479

Although it wouldn’t matter anymore if you can use the flatpak. The flatpak version was made in a way to respect the GTK theme but it seems as though that is no longer the case with the new update. Maybe it is because I’m not using adwaita but I’m not sure.