Official Flatpak... Please

Major Linux distros will not update Anki after 2.1.15 in their repositories because Anki’s new build infrastructure relies heavily on downloading dependencies during the build process via pip, npm and rustup.

The Flatpak documentation outlines 8 simple steps to creating an Official Flatpak. I doubt it would take more than 5 min.

Would be grateful for any help with this. I can volunteer if necessary.

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The existing unofficial Flatpak just wraps the packaged version we already provide, and bundles mpv with it. That does nothing to make things simpler for distros that want to swap out Anki’s default dependencies with their own versions. Judging by the issue tracker, the Flakpak also introduces some new issues such as an inability to export files that make me think a lot more than 5 minutes would be required to get it to a polished state.

Yeah, you’re right. My mistake. Thanks for looking into it and taking a minute to reply. I think I found a solution that works for now.

And thanks for your work on Anki. Really appreciate it. It’s an incredible tool.

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