Anki verification on Flathub?

While we do recommend the usage of the official build from ankiweb for linux users, should we tag the build from flathub as verified to use?

Pros: We would be telling users that the version from Flathub is safe to install

Cons: While not always, we had issues from users using flatpak, and by verifying the app, it could mislead the users by saying the app is in equal foot with anki build from ankiweb

How do you get a Flathub submission "verified"? - Flathub Discourse

Video: Flathub Finally Adds Much Needed Flatpak Feature - YouTube

Anki | Flathub (beta version of flathub)

The second type of verification by OBS Studio could be applied to Anki case, from the video above, the flatpak was made by the community, but was later recognized as official by OBS


Well, the build in flathub is mantained by random people with no official affiliation to Anki and/or Damien, not even recognized as an official distribution method by him, so I don’t think it should be verified.

Damien still only recommends downloading it from the website.

That being said, the flatpak package has been my main method of using Anki for ages now, it works perfectly, it integrates with my package manager, you can control premissions, I think it’s great. I’ve already defended it here that Anki should addopt flatpak as an official distribution method.


I’m afraid I don’t feel comfortable adding an ‘official’ label on something that I’m not reviewing before releases go out. And while I know that quite a few people are using the flatpaks successfully, there are still some bugs that they have that are not present in the official packages.

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