Copying a card with image

Whenever I copy a card with an image in it from one deck to another deck I loose the image in the original card!

How can I copy card from one deck to a different deck without deleting the image, everything in the original card is available except the image is removed from the original card.

Please follow the steps on When problems occur - Frequently Asked Questions

I did the steps, except #4 “Check your database” I didn’t find it.
I am using Windows 10 Home on my laptop.
BTW I purchased Anki.

Is the issue you’re experiencing with the computer version, or AnkiMobile? Would you be able to attach a screenshot of the interface you’re seeing, and explain the exact steps you’re taking, so I can try to reproduce the problem?

please see the attached clip.

Thank you.

(Attachment Below is an image.mp4 is missing)