Adding existing cards to another deck


I swear I’ve done it before, but it’s been a while since I last used the Anki desktop app. How do you add an existing card to a custom deck? I’ve tried the ‘Add’ button, but it looks like you have to fill in all the info again. I’m sure I’ve just selected the card from the Browse window and added it to another deck somehow, but I can’t remember. Is it possible?

Also, I’ve noticed a number of my cards have a broken image icon. I’ve synced my sets from web Anki, which are also present in my iPhone’s app, and the images all display there, but many aren’t in the desktop app. I have a folder where I have all the images. Is there a way of getting Anki to ‘find’ that folder so it can put all the images back…?


If you want to change the deck of existing cards: Browsing - Anki Manual

Select the cards you want in the browser → Ctrl+D → Select the deck you want to change them to

as for the other thing:
Copy and paste the contents of that folder into See how to find that here: Managing Files - Anki Manual

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If the filenames match, that should work. If the images are visible on your other device, another option would be to check both devices have syncing of media files enabled, and to make sure both devices have completed syncing (Media files may take time to sync - Frequently Asked Questions)

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Thankfully, the images appear to have all synced, so that’s great. Looks like it just needed a bit of time. :slight_smile: Still haven’t grasped the other problem though. I have two sets that are similar - one that tests me with cards I currently need to learn, and another that contains them all to go through just by rebuilding it once I’ve finished. There’s a card in the first set that I’d like to copy into the second, but I can’t figure it out. The Ctrl + D method tries to get you to ‘move’ the card when I only want to duplicate it. Plus, my secondary set doesn’t appear in the list. :-\

Anki doesn’t have a copy feature. Instead, you can use a custom study/filtered deck to temporarily move cards to a a different deck for studying, and then they can be returned to their original location.

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Ah-ha. Of course. It’s been a while since I set these up, but yes - I set up a Custom Filtered Deck. For some reason, there was one card I never saw each time I was learning them. It kept giving me 20 cards instead of 21. Going into the Options of that filtered deck and rebuilding it from there has added it. :smiley: Thanks for all your help!