Copy {{tags}} to a field

I am trying to copy the contents of the Tags entry for a note into a field that I have created, and then remove the tags.

The removal part would be OK, as I imagine I’d do that in the browser, selecting all cards first.

I could do this tab-by-tag but am looking for a way to automate it for the entire deck.

I could do this by exporting to excel and then changing then re-importing, but I fear I will lose scheduling data.

Any advice is appreciated.

You won’t lose scheduling data if you don’t edit the first fields of the notes. Make a backup of your collection before doing that to be safe.

Thanks abdo, I’ll try it with a few cards.

If I export, modify then import, without changing the first field, I assume that the cards would just be updated, not duplicated.

Is that right?


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Yes, but make sure to select this option:

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