Find and Replace doesn't work properly

Hi. I’m trying to replace all
tags in one field by selecting all the cards (Ctrl + A, Shift + LMClick or whatever), but for some reason, just a few of them are changed. If I do the same selecting just one card, everything works fine. I noticed if I choose the problem card and select everything, this card will be changed but not the others. Anki Version ⁨2.1.65 (aa9a734f)⁩

Please post the text you’re inputting in the Find & Replace With fields or a screenshot showing all options. A screenshot of the tags field of the problem card would be helpful too.


One possibility here is that the tags are being reordered when you view the card in the editor. If you export the notes to a text file, you can see what the text looks like before viewing it in the editor.

Yep, sure.

I’ve tried to upload a video, but it seems impossible to add links to the message.

I’m sorry for confusion, I didn’t mean card tags but HTML ones

I just found a solution. First, I replaced every “br” with " ", then “<” and “>”. Not a perfect solution, but it saved plenty of time :smiley:

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