Find & replace bug

When doing find & replace on every fields, it does not work (meaning it replaces some occurrences, but not all of them), but when I specify a certain field, it works. Weird.

Working properly here (v. 2.1.47)

Wich version are you using? Have you tried deactivating addons?

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If you’ve ruled out add-ons and tested with the latest version, please provide exact reproduction steps.

I have experienced this with 2.1.46, and this bug didn’t happen since I have upgraded, but the upgrade was quite recent. The problem is it is hard to provide exact reproduction steps, or to rule out add-ons, because I can’t find a pattern. This doesn’t happen every time I try find & replace, it’s not specific to certain cards, fields or patterns. All I know is that it’s “deterministic”, in the sense that if it does not work for a certain card, with certain settings, doing it again without changing anything still won’t work.

It’s really odd.