🐛 (copy) reset the card progress changes the order in which it is displayed

the problem is described here: (I can’t insert links)

I’m duplicating it because After a month, the post has not received a single comment, maybe in the PC version someone will notice.

The computer version has a new option to restore the original card position when resetting a card, but I don’t think it’s supported on AnkiDroid yet.


Abdo, thanks for the reply !

I tried different checkbox positions and realized that:
The 1st (restore original position) is responsible for saving the previous card display mode,
2nd (reset rep. laps.) for the display variation.

And if they do not affect anything else, I would rename them like this (see picture below):

(It would be easier for me to understand why they are needed)

Yes, it works on the computer, exactly the 1st checkbox ! I haven’t seen it on my phone yet, but I’d really like to do it, what do I have to do?

I don’t think renaming “Reset repetition and lapse counts” to “Keep the previous variation of the random display of cards” is sound (If that’s what you mean). The repetition and lapse counts have nothing to do with the display order of cards. I also think “Restore original position where possible” is more clear and correct than what you suggest. The original position is the position the card used to have before you answered it for the first time.

You can open a feature request.