Copy an existing deck completely

Hi Blackbeans,
I like your statement:
god knows how much time, could be a couple of hours, could be weeks).”
I’m not in a hurry!
Apart from that particular add-on, what would be the advantage of “downgrade” Anki to the version 2.1.46?
I don’t like to lose the content of all the modified Decks I have already done.
Thanks, Peter El Salvador

There are no advantages at downgrading. In everything went fine, you should never downgrade. It’s like replacing a brand new car with an older one. However, in this specific case, 2.1.46 is not such an old version, so it’s acceptable, as long as you have a valid reason to do so (add-on compatibility can arguably be one).

Of course, you wouldn’t lose anything by downgrading. Chances are you wouldn’t even notice the difference. Be sure to backup everything beforehand anyways, in case you accidentally delete something important.

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Dear Blackbeans,

thanks for your advice.
I downgraded it.
No modification ware lost and the add-on works fine again.