Content of the card lost

#Urgent help needed
Background:- I was using " extended editor for field (for tables, search&replace, …) " to edit my mazzive close note. Around 100 cards are there in that Note. While saving some glitch occured and no content is shown now in that note.

What I want-- I want to download ankiweb to anki in laptop. how to force it in one direction ? ( from web to desktop )

I uploaded the extended editor add-on.

General info: You have backups on your laptop: Managing Files - Anki Manual . So even if the sync fails you still have the old content of your note. I hope you do regular backups with regular backup software for your laptop (e.g. for MacOS with TimeMachine, …). I’d make sure to always this so-called backup folder from anki


the manual has this, Syncing with AnkiWeb - Anki Manual

If you wish to force a full upload or download (for example, because you accidentally deleted a deck on one side and want to restore the deck rather than having its deletion synchronized), you can check the “On next sync, force changes in one direction” box in Tools>Preferences>Network, then sync as usual. (You’ll be given the option to choose which side you want to use.)


I’d prefer my add-on not destroying other people’s notes. If the affected note does not contain private info could you export it and send it to me to ? In order to fix problems I must be in a position to reproduce those problems. export for selected notes is built into the anki browser (Notes->Export notes)

Could you also share some info about the computer you use. In the main window click on the menu Help, then “About”. In the window that opens click the button “Copy Debug Info” and share here what has been copied to your clipboard.

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@ijgnd Thanks for your help
I was running out of time as the exam was nearing. So rather than thinking about the loss, I retyped the whole content in the same note.
If you still can use the note for debugging purpose, I am happy to share it…
Live long and prosper

For debugging purposes I’m very interested in getting a note that breaks my add-on.

If the retyped note still breaks the add-on this new note is also good for me. If it does not break the add-on: could you try to edit the field like ten or twenty times in my add-on - if the problem only sometimes occurs you should be able to trigger/get the problem if you open my external editor window multiple times.

If you can’t reproduce the problem with your retyped note at all: Is the original note maybe in an older backup (e.g. because after you created this original note you closed Anki so that it made a backup)? If so could you restore this backup to a new, temporary anki profile and export the note from it.

at the moment I have no idea what I could change to avoid such data loss. So I really need a note that breaks my add-on. You might help many other people and improve this add-on a lot if you could do the steps I listed above.

sorry for the late reply- I was busy with my exams.
I think i found the reason for the loss of the card. There is a time delay when we save the extended editor. For a few seconds the content of the extended editor is not copied to the editor window of anki. If we do anything during this delay, we will lose the content. So we have to wait till the content is fully transferred to and then do any editing in normal edit windows.

@marcus_aurelius : thanks for your further investigations. I’ve added this to my todo-list (reproduce the problem, then try to fix it…)