Collect keywords/tags above

hey all, is there any possibility to collect all relevant tags up top while searching? best regards

What do you mean by “collect all relevant tags up top”?
Anyway, you may want to upgrade to the newest version which has a lot of new features for the sidebar.

I think he means “pin matching tags to the top”.

@peterduesche If I understood correctly, you’d like to get as many search matches as possible on your screen before scrolling is required.

Changing the order/hierarchy to show all matches on top isn’t ideal because it could cause unnecessary confusion.

Perhaps a better approach would be to hide sibling items that don’t contain a match.

Let’s take a look at this. The query was “Blut”, but it shows me the whole hierarchy of the parent tag, not just the path to the matches. If we’d hide siblings that don’t contain a match, we could significantly reduce vertical scroll height and clutter.

Same height, 4 vs 17 matches.


I think this approach of showing all tags was chosen to optimize for some workflows like searching for some tag then dragging and dropping it into some other tag to make it a child tag.

See Damien’s comment here: Expand sidebar match trees one level by abdnh · Pull Request #968 · ankitects/anki · GitHub


That does look like was I was looking for, don’t quit get though how to activate this function )-: I am on the german version, any idea what the function is call in german? thanks so much everybody

Currently, there is no such functionality within Anki (and I doubt there’s an add-on for it). This was more of a suggestion to devs reading this thread ^^

Perhaps someone is up for the task to write an add-on for this.

but on the second pic you posted it did work, didnt it? pls walk me through it, or did you photoshop the pic? (-: ty so much

That’s just a Photoshop mockup, sadly :sweat_smile: