Please bring back the "marked" button in the sidebar

Please bring the marked button in the sidebar back, I’ve been using it for many years and since 2.1.41 it’s suddenly gone.

Thank you in advance!

Want to find marked in browser? Tags-> marked


If you need to access it frequently, you can also save the search to place it up the top.


I have tried @dae 's suggestion:

  1. insert “tag:marked” in search box, then right click on “Saved Search”, choose “Save current Search”



Thank you for the suggestion!

Unfortunately the saved search isn’t preserved once I restart Anki.

Am I doing something wrong here or is this a bug?

Please upgrade to 2.1.42.
I restarted Anki, and The “Marked” is still there, can you try again?

After upgrading to 2.1.42 the saved search is preserved if I just restart Anki, but it’s gone after a reboot of my Mac…

Maybe I can write an add-on. I wrote my last add-on one year ago, so I need some time to brush up my skill. I’ll let you know when it’s done.

Like your enthusiasm, but I think this is a bug. There is no need to write an add-on to fix a bug. This feature should work reliably without add-ons. If it doesn’t, I’m sure Anki’s contributors will try to fix it.

Edit: Ah, you’re talking about adding a custom marked button somewhere on the top. My bad, go for it :slight_smile:

This should not happen.

@dae What do you think about pinning these special (generated) tags to the top or giving them some other form of extra treatment (maybe their own category right beneath “Tags”)?

More important though: “Untagged” should be lowercase to fit better with the other ones (e.g. marked is lowercase too).



An addon to bring back the marked button would be great, zhushenli.

Thank you for efforts!

leech and marked are treated like any other tags by Anki, that’s why they may disappear from the sidebar if no notes are tagged with them.
Untagged isn’t a tag, however. It’s a tag filter, meaning it performs a search based on tags (similar to Current Deck).
These items are currently pinned to the top of the respective categories and I think that’s appropriate because their functionality is closely related to the other tags/decks. Maybe they could be rendered italic to mark that they don’t represent actual items in the collection. Or we give them a slightly different icon.


@Rumo , I think @Stahlfisch means Marked Saved Search disappear, not marked tag.

I think @kleinerpirat has written everything there is to say about disappearing saved searches, so I was really only referring to the tags in the sidebar. :slight_smile:


Rebooting your Mac shouldn’t make a difference - maybe it’s being cleared by you syncing chances from another device. I can’t seem to reproduce the search disappearing here.

Screen Shot 2021-03-17 at 23.49.38

I saved the search yesterday and now it looks like in the screenshot above.

I have no idea, what I am doing wroing here. The only other device I am syncing with is an Android tablet.

@dae Do you think this might be the reason for my issue?

BTW, why did you decide to get rid of the marked button after so many years in the first place?
Was there a specific reason for it?

After adding it again, you could try forcing a full upload in the preferences and then downloading onto AnkiDroid to see if that resolves the issue, or just seeing if it happens when you avoid syncing with AnkiDroid.

“Marked” is a tag and is shown as part of the tag list. It’s been like that for years as far as I recall.

I tried your suggestion but unfortunately the problem still persists :frowning:

I meant that until 2.1.41 the marked tag was placed on top of the sidebar (see screenshot below):

Looks like you were using an add-on.

I love the new sidebar in 2.1.41. Saves searches and the sidebar filter are both fantastic improvements :slight_smile:

@dae You’ve found out the issue: I had the “customize sidebar” addon installed, which apparently isn’t compatible with Anki 2.1.41 and up.
I uninstalled the addon and now my saved searches are preserved :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for your help and everything you do to continuously make Anki an even greater experience than it already is!