Cluttered top menu with “unknown unknown unknown”

When going through a deck, in the card view, i noticed there are 4 additional menu options in the top actions menu, all called “Unknown.” They do nothing when I tap on them, and they clutter up the menu so that I can’t see the actual useful menu items (Decks, Add, Edit and Browse) unless I rotate the phone to landscape mode. (See attached photos)

Is this a bug? Is this a setting I can change? Does this crop up as a result of having been a longtime Anki user (since 2011!)? What can I do to make this go away?

That is odd to say the least…

What Version are you on? Try Updating if you arent on the newest one already.

Does the issue persist after ensuring you are on the latest store version? When did it start? You can probably resolve it by going to AnkiMobile’s preferences>Review>Top Bar screen, and setting actions 4-8 to “Off”.

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