Disorienting glitch for filtered deck

On AnkiMobile for iPad (and presumably also iPhone), creating a filtered deck is disorienting because when a user sees the filter deck page they will presumably fill out all the options from top to bottom, which is how most people will read a document. Unfortunately changing any of the options on the bottom of the page resets the top of the page. So, if we catch that the top is reset, we will have to do double work to fix it, or if we don’t catch because the change was very slight, we will end up doing a filtered deck with the wrong options before we realize that the options were set wrong. This leaves me very disoriented and paranoid when using filtered deck because I out of paranoia check the options multiple times now before doing it because I can’t trust that any of the changes I make will persist and not just reset because I was not paying attention. I have attached a video that attempts to illustrate this effect. Ideally, nothing on the page should ever reset. Or if a reset must happen, place the things that force a reset above the things that will get reset so that a user can logically follow what is happening by reading the document as they naturally do and not do double work.


I’m not able to reproduce this is the current beta version, so I suspect it’s already been fixed. The beta was sent to Apple today for release, and will hopefully roll out over the next week or so. If you find it still happens after updating, please let me know.

Hey I just downloaded the new update, and the problem still persists exactly as before. Using v2.0.94. Specifically it appears the reschedule button in particular causes the reset.

My apologies, I think I must have changed the sort order instead when testing. Will look into this for the next update.

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