Cloze (Overlapping) - Blank Cards

I’m using Cloze (overlapping) and the cards show up empty when I go through them (no error though). When I press ‘show answer’, nothing comes up besides [original], which I can click on and it’ll show the full text. However, when I edit and manually copy the full text into ‘Text 1’, the text will show up on the card like normal.

Before the update, my cloze text would automatically be put into Text1, Text2, Text3 etc. Does anyone know how to change my settings so it’s like this again?

I doubt the add-on creator glutanimate will see this thread in this forum.

If you are paying customer you could check glutanimate’s patreon page. There’s also this bug tracker at

I don’t really use the add-on but I have seen that there are some problems on recent Anki versions and a third party offered a modified version that you have to install yourself, see You could check the anki subreddit - cloze overlapper was discussed there multiple times over the last weeks. Maybe there’s something useful for you.

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