Cloze deletion error won't go away

I have tried to find similar issues from other people but am not seeing something completely related. I have been doing mostly cloze deletion cards and I kept getting a " Found ‘{{Field}}’, but there is no field called ‘Field’" error and found the FAQ on that, and went ahead and deleted the “field” inside. The error message went away, but now for some reason when I am going through my cards, random cloze deletion cards will just show the front text from the card that had the issue, but when I press space to go the back of the card, it has the correct back. When I click to edit, it will show the correct front and back of the card. I am including pictures here to try to illustrate this bizarre issue (which is driving me up a wall), but please let me know if theres an easier way to show it.

You have overwritten the front template with the content from one card. I guess the front template was:
and the back template is:
{{cloze:Text}}<br> {{Back Extra}}


Thank you x a million!!!