Clickable "Search" Button in Browse

There are times when I am doing multiple things in the browse window like suspending, clicking cards and reading them, changing decks, etc. all while only using my mouse. I am not touching my keyboard to accomplish any of these things. However, whenever I want to perform a search using the search bar, I have to reach over to my keyboard to click “Enter” to perform the search as there is no way to do this with my mouse. A feature request I have is to add a “Search” or “Enter” button on the right side of the search bar to perform a search without having to use the keyboard. If you’d rather not add a new button for aesthetic reasons, then another possible solution is hiding the button behind a right-click on the search bar.

Another feature request that came to mind is when you click the drop-down arrow button on the right side of the search bar and then click one of the items in your search history, it does not search it. It just places that into the search bar but doesn’t perform the search. One would still have to click Enter on their keyboard. If you could, make it so that when you click an item in that drop-down it automatically searches it without needing to manually press enter. Or if you’d rather, you could have it as a toggle available in Preferences to automatically perform the search or require manually clicking Enter when clicking an item from your history in the drop-down.

Thank you for your time.

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