Chromebook add photos only shows linux partition not desktop file manager where screenshots are

I click add photo and here’s a screenshot of what I see then:
I’m stuck in the - I guess I have to say Linux partition on my Chromebook - showing only these folder iso showing the chromebook folder (on the left side background of the screenshot) where all the screenshots and links to google folders etc is shown.

Any way to solve this?
How to add a path to those other folders?

I have a workaround: I download the photo, open it, Ctrl+C and then sometimes I can past it in my anki, sometimes not. Not yet figured out when yes or no…
Thy :slight_smile:

Try this:

Starting from your screenshot, navigate to the correct folder/directory.

Close the folder.

The next time that you click on the Attach icon, it will display the folder that you just closed.

Works for me.

You mean from in Anki? I can’t get out of the linux partition I have the impression. I don’t know how to get to the Chromebook “Files app” folder. Anybody? Thy

I just learned about (in chromebook file app: “Pin to shelf”. That way I can select that folder in the linux partition where Anki keeps all its foto’s and “pin” it to the “shelf”. The shelf is the bar where all the basic stuff is shown: time, battery status, wifi, dication button (app), screen captures, apps that are running, and these “pinned folders”.
And then I drag/drop the images there and then I can find them. But takes 20" iso just copy/pasting = 3"?

Pardon me.

I thought the folder with “dev”, “etc”, etc was an Anki popup for Linux systems.


where do you see “dev” ?


Under bin, and boot

Ah yes. And you thought those folder “was an Anki popup for Linux systems.”
You think I have to dig there somewhere to get to the chrome os download folder?

crap. I went to the folder “” and dragged it in my chromebook “file app” to that “My files” section and that moved the folder iso adding an alias to the folder. So now in my anki careds all my images show the “broken image”.
Where was that “” located in anki?