Anki can't explore file folders

I installed Feren OS, a distro Linux, in my laptop recently. Then I decided to install Anki in it as well.

However, whenever I try to add an image as a flashcard Anki can’t find my folders (e.g., downloads, etc.).

Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

how did you install: from repo, from flathub, a snap, …?

Does this happen with the binary for 2.1.35 from


I installed it via Store/Repository files and flatpack.

as far as I know what you get is expected for flatpaks. Flatpaks by default are sandboxed.

As far as I see In the build file the file system is not exposed, see here in contrast to e.g. vscode, see here.

you can overide the default permissions for flatpaks (google it).

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maybe my prior answer is partly wrong, see the issue Can’t access file storage.

Thank you ijgnd for the first reply! I had to remove the flatpack vesion from my linux.

Then, I visited Anki page, download the .tar and installed it via terminal and it worked!