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Anki can't explore file folders

I installed Feren OS, a distro Linux, in my laptop recently. Then I decided to install Anki in it as well.

However, whenever I try to add an image as a flashcard Anki can’t find my folders (e.g., downloads, etc.).

Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

how did you install: from repo, from flathub, a snap, …?

Does this happen with the binary for 2.1.35 from


I installed it via Store/Repository files and flatpack.

as far as I know what you get is expected for flatpaks. Flatpaks by default are sandboxed.

As far as I see In the build file the file system is not exposed, see here in contrast to e.g. vscode, see here.

you can overide the default permissions for flatpaks (google it).

maybe my prior answer is partly wrong, see the issue Can’t access file storage.

Thank you ijgnd for the first reply! I had to remove the flatpack vesion from my linux.

Then, I visited Anki page, download the .tar and installed it via terminal and it worked!