I cannot update my anki from 2.1.8 to 2.1.49

I recently found out that i am using anki 2.1.8 and I want to upgrade my anki into 2.1.49 on my linux terminal but I don’t know how to do it can someone help please?

Please see Install & Upgrade - Anki Manual

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yes i tried to put those code in but it kept come up with those error messages:

and i just changed the 2.1.48 to 49 because that’s my zip’s version and it still display the same error message

i also went onto my anki 2.1.8 and checked for upgrade and it just said there is no update for it.

Open the terminal inside the anki 2.1.49 folder then do “./install.sh”

Open the anki 2.1.49 folder (only tried with .zip, don’t know if .tar work in the same way), then right click, you will see “Open with terminal” (the terminal will show as User@User ~/Downloads/anki-2.1.49-linux) after that just do “./install.sh”

if that don’t work, you could try install via flathub/flatpack Flathub—An app store and build service for Linux


well it won’t even let me open the anki folder:

try .zip it is universal (Windows, Mac, Linux)

im sorry, thought there was the 2.1.49.zip package, try to install anki via flatpak

See the guide below, to install flatpak to your Chrome OS

after that

Command line instructions

Install: flatpak install flathub net.ankiweb.Anki
Run: flatpak run net.ankiweb.Anki
source: Flathub—An app store and build service for Linux

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thank you i’ll have a try now
what should I do for step 4, it doesn’t look like a code for me.

well, it might be

source: Install Flatpaks in Chrome OS - YouTube

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thank you

i have installed my flatpak thingy but I don’t wanna jail break my laptop plus my laptop doesn’t have much memory so I just want to upgrade it from the anki web version so is there any way to do that?

thank you

guiding you on anki by flathub, because we aren’t being able to upgrade from the anki web version

if you want to try upgrading , try this guide to install .tar files How to Install a tar.gz File on Your Chromebook in 2021 | Beebom

What is flatpak?
It is basically an app store for linux, just like there is play store for Android, microsoft store for windows…

Chrome OS apps are based on the deb library/repository (while they have a lot of apps, some of them could be not up to date like Anki) + Chrome OS repository (if the app is popular , like Discord, Chrome and Telegram will be maintained by the Chrome OS team and will receive the latest packages)

while i understand your concern about not wanting to jail break your notebook, the choice is up to you, honestly speaking, most if not all linux distros (Not considering Arch related distros) have flatpaks enabled by default, the chances of breaking your system is slim

Quotes from the flatpak documentation (Introduction to Flatpak — Flatpak documentation)

  • Stability : breakage in a Flatpak application will not risk the system from breaking. This is because Flatpak applications and runtimes are contained to not interfere with the system altogether.
  • Rootless install : elevated privileges are not required when installing a Flatpak application or a runtime.
  • Sandboxed applications : one of Flatpak’s main goals is to increase the security of desktop systems by isolating applications from one another. This is achieved using sandboxing and means that, by default, applications that are run with Flatpak have limited access to the host environment.

in the first image you showed, it appeared 9 not upgraded
don’t forget to do sudo apt upgrade if you want the latest packages

sudo apt update only updates but it does not implement
to update and implement do → sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade

Dear Anki
Good afternoon and sorry it’s been a while but I figured out a way to install it and all my commands are as follows so if anyone have the same problem with me then they will know what to do:

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade
sudo apt-get install anki
sudo tar -xf anki-2.1.49-linux.tar.bz2
cd anki-2.1.49-linux
sudo ./install.sh

you have to download the anki 2.1.49 file from anki website and once it’s downloaded, you have to pop the file into the linux file section in your ‘your file’ section then run the command above

thank you

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