Anki chromebook Copy/pasting image doesn't work

Hi everybody

  1. Running Anki on a Chromebook
  2. Trying to add an image into a card, copy/pasting an image I found via the chrome browser doesn’t work. Why?
  3. Workaround: download the image. But when I use the anki paperclub button, it opens a folder where anki stores its images. Why can’t I navigate out of the linux partition on my chromebook to the chrome os download folder or “recent” folder?
  4. Workaround: pin the Anki folder where images are stored on the chromebook side bar. But that pinned folder always dissapears. Why?
  5. After trying the copy/paste, Anki becomes unresponsive and when I force close it, it doesn’t want to restart unless I restart my chromebook and open all the windows I was browsing again. Why?


As far as I’m aware, none of Anki’s developers use Anki on a Chromebook, so you’re in uncharted waters. Until a motivated person comes along and contributes fixes, the situation is unlikely to change.

Can you drag the image into the field?

crap :slight_smile: that’s not good for me. :slight_smile:
… nor all those chromebook users:
" In 2021, full-year Chromebook shipments reached 37 million units

Chromebooks’ market share is expected to rise from 10.5 percent in 2019 to 14,9 percent in 2020 , according to Strategy Analytics research. The rise in Chromebook sales is largely attributable to the epidemic and the growing demand for devices that allow for remote work.20 Dec 2021".

nope …

I did manage to find the location of that media folder where anki keeps all its pictures and add a quick link to it in the Anki pop-up pane; tried to do the same to the chromebook’s “File app” - but unsuccesfully (it moves the folder out of where anki counts upon finding it):

so the workaround is quite laborious:

  1. take a screenshot
  2. Open the chromebook’s “File app” 2 times and have 1 open in the “Recent (screenshots) folder”, and the other one use the “find” to locate the folder (and not forget that is the name of the folder)
  3. then it is possible to drag from the “File app 1” to the “File App 2”
  4. Then go to Anki; click the add photo button and navigate to the folder and find the screenshot I dropped in …

Ideally it would be supported, particularly given its importance in the education space, but as Damien said that requires someone who owns one to do the work to make it happen. While Chromebooks might be getting more popular, I doubt there are many developers buying them. It’s also worth noting that Chrome OS support for desktop applications has been fleeting since Google aims for everything to be in the browser.

@dae out of curiosity, do you know what scale of difficulty would be involved in adding ChromeOS to the TravisCI automated tests? From a brief search it doesn’t seem well supported, which I suppose is another reason not to support Chromebooks.

I’m not very optimistic about ChromeOS’s long term future - I suspect Google will sunset it in favour of Fuchsia before it reaches significant marketshare. And the OS was primarily intended for webapps anyway.

I don’t think a CI setup would bring much value; the issues here are mainly on the frontend, caused by its security/sandboxing setup.

The work around I use is to save my screenshots into anki’s media directory. You can change where your screenshots default save directory by clicking the settings icon and placing the default folder to:

Play Files > AnkiDroid >

If you cannot find AnkiDroid enable:
Show all Play folder on the top right triple dot drop down menu of the file application

I save mine in a separate folder, then rename the screenshot and just use this line

<img src = “folder_name/screenshot_name.png”
end with . >

if you don’t use another folder inside just use

<img src = “screenshot_name.png”
end with . >

Hope this helps :slight_smile: