Changes in the original text

I have noticed that sometimes there are some changes in the original text.But It does not alert the translator.Sometimes this will make a large difference between the translated text and the original text and cannot be corrected in time.I suggest adding an alert.Thanks.

There is a way to alert the translator - we can do so by using a new key. The problem with doing that is the text will switch back to English until the translator has translated it again. Unfortunately the translators for most languages are not able to check the site frequently, so when we make a new key, it can remain stuck in English for many languages for months or years.

For that reason, I try to preserve the existing key for smaller changes, where the old translation still makes sense. Take a change from today for example: Update templates · ankitects/anki-core-i18n@7d19548 · GitHub. If the new text doesn’t get a new translation, users will still be able to understand the old translation.

I don’t think the translation site has a way of notifying you of modified strings, but you can keep an eye on GitHub to see when changes are made, eg Search · update templates · GitHub

Thank you for your reply!