Translating the Manual

As the translating GitHub repo states, I get in touch to update the current translation to Spanish language, which is from 2.0. It’s outdated and not in the current form of split markdown files. My intention is that the Spanish translation can be displayed as the Brazilian Portuguese does.

I have translated about a third from scratch already since I am avoiding sections with recent 2.1.28 changes in the Manual for now.

Here is the link

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I am planning to do the same for add-on docs

Thanks Guillem!

If you enable pages in the GitHub settings, it will appear like the English manual:

If you’d like to contact the previous translator, their website is

Please let me know when you’d like me to update the manual to link to your version.

i was trying to do that for past 2 days, had no luck :expressionless:
was getting 404 when i enabled the pages. finally found out that i should have deleted from CNAME file in the repository.
@guillempalausalva just wanted to tell you to do the same or you’ll get 404 on your pages too.


OK, once the translation is finished I’ll ask you to update the manual link to it.

then leaving the file empty?

yes, mine is empty and works fine.

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I think I will create a new repo instead of forking the manual repo if that is okay.

I want to keep a fork of the original so I can make future PRs and also have another one for the Spanish translation. I have different branches but it is giving me a constant headache for editing files locally. Once the translation is finished, it will be independent of the fork as this repo won’t merge any future commit from its original repo. I hope that makes sense.

No objections here :slight_smile:

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