GitHub pages for anki-manual Russian translation

Hi everyone! I began to transfer (format and supplement) the Russian translation from one “ancient” source into a new, modern home. I see that there is a lot of work and I am a little unsure of my abilities, but a start has been made and in this format (git) I think there will be people willing to participate. Unfortunately I am not a translator and google my best friend, but hopefully it will turn out well.
I will be glad to hear any comments and suggestions
Here is a GitHub page I made: anki-manual-ru

And one more thing, many thanks to everyone who has anything to do with the development, testing, translation, distribution and popularization of this particular program and the principle of spaced repetition in general.

And else one more thing. That “Fluent” for “i18n” is great! Translation of documentation with thing like that would be cool enough.
I found out that for translation there is such a CAT program as “OmegaT”, but as I understood for multi-user translation it is not very convenient to use. Okay. Time will tell.
Sorry for my English.

From Russia with love! :handshake:


Thanks for contributing Alexey! Would you like me to add a link to that page in the English manual?

The translation website (Pontoon) is not really designed for long-form text like a manual I’m afraid.

Hope this will be useful to someone else besides me,
so I’m all for adding it to original.

“Pontoon”, of course! I looked in the wrong place :sweat_smile:.

Well, no so no. Those were thoughts out loud. I just got down to the work and thought that everything would be easy as possible. Hah, naive :slight_smile:

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I’ve added a link to the manual

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