Review text actually updated when user changes it?

There’s two reviews now on a deck of mine which show “Comment from author before post was edited”, but best I can recall, these user reviews still read exactly the same as before.

Ofc that can also mean they just hit “Update” without actually changing their reviews (in which case I’d suggest not having AnkiWeb mark it as such) or reverted back, but I’d just like to ask in case this is really a bug that has the updated text never overwrite the old one.

Tried editing one of your own reviews to see if it updates?

I don’t recall any where the deck author also responded to me to test the same scenario, but I take it from your reply that I’m mistaken on that and/or this thread.

e: Come to think of it, I guess it would be neat to also have a page with one’s own reviews + potential author replies on AnkiWeb.