Change relearning order?

Hi, I don’t know if I’m the only one having this problem but I don’t know how to change relearning cards’ order.

Let’s say I forget 50 cards in a review session, now some time has past and now I have to relearn 50 cards and pass their relearning steps.
But I can’t remember everything perfectly so if I forget all 50 cards and I want to relearn them. I need to go through ALL 50 cards before I even go back to the first card, by the time I go through all the cards I’m gonna forget almost all of them all over again.

I don’t think review order affects them because I tried changing it to different setting it doesn’t affect the piile I have.

I don’ want to use Custom study bcs I have multiple decks I need to learn each day and doing that will just make a bigger mess.

Any help would be appreciated

That sounds like your first relearning step is too long. The shorter you make it, the faster forgotten cards will appear again, preventing them from building up.

My relearning step is 2s 2min 6h.
But sometimes when you’re busy you cant go through all at once so they build up. Even the first step is so short it won’t reappear because all other cards in relearning has past their due earlier

Is 2s two seconds? Just to confirm it is not a typo. Perhaps this excessively short interval is causing issues.

You may find you get better results with 1m 10m, or just 10m. You want the relearn step to be enough to provide some level of challenge before sending the card hours/days into the future, but short enough that forgotten cards don’t need to wait too long to be retried.

Thanks for the replies

2s is there just in case I am not paying attention, so I don’t blast through a couple of cards.

However I think either 2s or 2min doesn’t help too much because if I have a bunch of relearning cards built up, the first card I press forget won’t show up after 2s/2min, because I need to go through every relearning card once which sometimes costs longer than 5min.

plus even if reviewing all the learning cards doesn’t cost that much time. Craming a lot of cards within a short period of time will make me forget stuff and I need to go through them many times to remember everything which can’t be the most efficient way to relearn it. I’m pretty sure many will have the same issue?

This is not normal. If your first relearning step is, say, 1 minute, the cards should show up in approximately 1 minute after pressing Again.

Are you using, by any chance, any add-on that could interfere with the scheduler?

Hello there, I wasn’t using any plugin bcs my phone app would not be able to use it as well.

But I think it’s normal behavior?
It’s just even if I press again 1 min
→ 1 min later there are still other cards in the queue for me to relearn
→ so the card I pressed again a while ago won’t show up after all the other cards are cleared cuz they dued early.
I don’t think this is changeable, let me know if others are not having this issues.

If you answer each card within 2 seconds, the most you can accumulate in a minute is 30 cards. You can accumulate a lot more with a 6 hour learning step, and with such a delay you are probably better off either not using another step, or using a 1+ day step instead.

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